Important Firework Safety Tips
Fireworks are fun and beautiful but they can also be dangerous and the injuries from them can end up being not so beautiful! With the 4th only being a few days away I know that everyone is getting geared up for their holiday weekends, buying all their food for BBQ's and stocking up on fireworks…
UPDATE: 4th Of July Fireworks Death in Billings
Update: The Yellowstone County Coroner's Office has released the name of the victim of Saturday nights firework accident in South Billings as 32-year-old Nathan Vannatta.
Billings Police Lt. Casey Hafner said,
 Vannatta was firing fireworks from a tube he was holding against his hip. When one of the m…
The Government Blows… Up Enjoyment For Independence Day
Where once freedom rang, the halls of government are now sucking the fun out of almost everything. They have their sticky crooked fingers in our football, they make you feel guilty about eating your weight in potato chips and you can't even enjoy a smooth, refreshing Marlboro while visiting lov…

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