Billings Best And Worst Neighborhoods
Since I am on the hunt for my first house here in Billings, I thought I would share my findings with you! All of the info I found was on Neighborhood Scout and if you want more detailed info about these areas and others, it is broken down by city...
Know the Rules Before Shooting
My back yard is infested with ducks. Lovely, delicious ducks. Seeing them out there on a daily basis often makes me think of hunting. Although I have eaten many a meal that was shot and brought home, I have never actually been hunting. Since I am a firm believer that everyone should be able to be se…
2016 will cost Montanans more
It wasn’t hard compiling a list of prices increases as everywhere we turn there is a price increase somewhere. Here are a five things you can look forward to possibly paying more for in Montana for 2016.
Fishing, Hunting Rates Spike
Well being an avid fisher and outdoor enthusiast I know this has it’s pros and cons. Every time I turn around there is a rate increase somewhere but being a premier place for this kind of stuff people don’t mind spending money on it.
Why Is This Called The 4th Avenue Meat Market?
I often picture a Montana bowhunter with a freshly killed buck in the back of his Ford F-950 (creative license) excited to have his venison cleaned and dressed. He is salivating at the idea of deer jerky and venison pot roast, ready to take it to the 4th Avenue Meat Market and is searching for hours…

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