Apple Has Been Categorizing Your 'Brassiere' Photos
Saw this on Facebook today and was like 'nooooo way.' Went to my photos on my iPhone. Clicked on the 'search' icon and typed in brassiere.... and there they were.
Now, I've just got to put it out there that I don't have a bunch of photos of me on my phone of my in…
RIP iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone 6 Plus.... You were so good to me. You never broke when I dropped you. You never fell in a toilet out of my pants pocket and you manager to never get stolen. Although you are slightly too big for my small hands, it's okay, I'll just text with two hands...
Guess Who Ordered The New iPhone 7?
I may or may not have stayed up all night long waiting for the 12:01am pre-order release of the new iPhone 7 Plus. Okay, I DID! One of my coworkers thinks it's a cult. Well, if it is... I'm happy about it and they have really good marketing...

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