MSU Offers More Free Education
KBUL Newsroom - The Montana University System expects to offer tuition waivers and scholarships worth more than $48 million to more than 3,600 students statewide. The dollar amount has grown nearly $8 million in the last five years. MSU is the largest and fastest growing campus in Montana, and award…
Christmas Is Only 7 Months Away
You are probably thinking a number of things: one, Christmas just happened or at least it felt like it. Two, it's not even summer yet. Three, I'm still paying off last Christmas!
Here's the deal, all of those statements are true. It feels like Christmas just happened even though i…
Powerball Grows To $50 Million
Have you planned out your rich life yet? Mine starts with a sprawling estate at Rehberg Ranch with an infinity pool, outdoor kitchen, personal chef, trip around the world, a new Movado watch, a tap with running Blue Chair Coconut Spiced Rum and my own personal helicopter...
Save Money In Montana
Say you just want to grab a sack of groceries to get through the week. How do our prices stack up against other cities across the nation?
Our friends over at put together a visual graph to give you an idea of how we compare:

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