Update: Real Deals Billings Announces Grand Opening
Can I get an 'Amen?!'
A few weeks ago I wrote about the fact that Billings is in deed getting a Real Deals but there was no info yet on a grand opening date. Well, guess what?
Put this on your calendar ASAP! Next Thursday, October 19 is the day...
Want A Trader Joe's In Billings? Here's What To Do.
There's no denying that I love Trader Joe's! If you've never heard of Trader Joe's no worries, you too will fall in love with the quaint grocery story! Everything in the store is its own TJ brand. They have the best prices on produce and wine and I love all the things that they m…
Billings Gaining a Second Goodwill Store
I can definitely speak to the amount of donations that the West end store receives. I have to drive past that Goodwill when I go to my husbands office and just a few days ago there were donations everywhere outside at the drop-off area. Which, isn't necessarily a bad thing but I was thinking to…
Montana Rescue Mission Thrift Store Re-Opened
With so many businesses closing lately in Billings it is nice to see an influx of stores opening or re-opening!
KBUL Newsroom - The Montana Rescue Mission has re-opened its original downtown Billings thrift store. The Bargain Second Chance Store held a grand second-opening Saturday...
Krispy Kreme Donuts Returning To Billings
Remeber that one time when Billings had a Krispy Kreme? Remember how sad it was when they closed?
Good news! Krispy Kreme is returning to Billings! Can I please get a "hallelujah?"
The new Krispy Kreme location is along Central Ave in the Rimrock Mall parking lot between Stewart Park…
I Went To Seva Kitchen's Grand Opening And Here's What's Up
When you walk up to Seva Kitchen on Broadway it looks like something you'd find in San Francisco. Super modern and very clean. I was a fan before I even made it in the door. As you come in the entry area you can tell that the mission of the restaurant is coming through in more ways than the foo…
New Restaurant To Open in Downtown Billings
Downtown Billings offers some of the best food and dining options. There are just enough places that you don't get bored with any certain one. However, adding an additional option is openly welcomed!
Coming soon: Seva Kitchen.
There is not an exact date yet for the opening (that I can find) but t…

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