Watch Out For Sex Crazed Ducks
It's Spring and these ducks are ready to get it on with their seemingly unwilling lady friends. Whenever they get into make-new-ducks mode, they seem to paint the rest of the world invisible, including traffic
Why Riding Off Into the Sunset Can Be Dangerous
The sun setting in the west isn't exactly new thing, so why am I bringing this up? Here's the point: When the sun is low and you've got westbound traffic, there's always the possibility that drivers don't have great visibility and you should keep it in mind. Even if you h…
Emerald Lake and West Rosebud Lake
I can barely stay patient for the weather to get warm enough to head to Emerald Lake and West Rosebud Lake to go camping! It has been getting pretty nice during the days but the nights are still just a little too cold for my camping comfort...
No Fishing In The Yellowstone River
Even though there is technically more than a month left of summer, for many Montanans, this weekend represents the "end of summer" because school will be starting next week. No doubt there were many of us who had plans that involved fishing or floating on the Yellowstone...
A Must-Have for Outdoor Enthusiasts
For all outdoor enthusiasts this is a great buy! The Steri Straw also known as the Life Straw is a water filter system that you can hang around your neck and it will filter water from the river, creek, lake, puddle even.
Update: Billings Wins 'America's Best Town'
I have kept you posted as Billings made it's way through the semi finals and asked you to vote so Billings could win and WE DID! Billings has been voted, by you the people, as America's Best Town Outside 2016 by OutsideOnline.com. The qualities in which the cities were chosen were: great access to t…

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