Billings Pools Open Next Week
On Wednesday, June 5th, both Rose Park and South Park pools will be open for business. Cheap fun and healthy exercise (definitely better than sitting on the couch playing Fortnite).
5 Ways To Give In Billings
If you have that feeling of wanting to help, but your bank account isn't willing to fund your holiday generosity, here are some things you can do in Billings that don't involve money, but are extremely valuable, helpful, and needed.
Yellowstone National Park – 3rd Busiest Year
Yellowstone National Park had its third busiest September on record this year with over 640,000 visits. This total is down about 9 percent from September 2016.The 2017 total is also less than the second-busiest September in 2015. Inclement weather might have contributed to the decline in visits last…
City Council Approves New Pool For Rose Park
Can I get a 'hallelujah?!'
The Billings City Council approved approximately $1.76 million to demolish the arson-damaged Rose Park bathhouse and construct a new pool for the 2018 swimming season. The Billings Gazette reports that Mayor Tom Hanel was joined on the prevailing side of a 6-5 vot…
Impact Day at Lucky’s Market
Next Tuesday (June 6) Lucky's Market, here in Billings, is hosting 'Impact Day.' 10% of money made between 7AM and 9PM will go to benefit the Billings Parks Department community gardens program. Currently,  Amend Park Community Garden is on the wait list for a shade structure and…
$10 Lifetime National Parks Passes For Seniors Are Going Up
If you are older than 62 years of age then you can acquire something I can't.... All 417 national parks and over 2,000 recreational sites for only $10 - and that's just a one time fee - but unfortunately not for long.  By the end of 2017  that $10 seniors parks pass will be going…