Phone Tap

Phone Tap: Ass Wine
Jeffrey is Phone Tapping a grocery store manager and asking for a wine recommendation. He doesn’t know much about wine, but what little advice he does have is gonna come back to bite him.
Phone Tap: Amazon Summer Camp
In your brand new Phone Tap, we’re calling a mom worried about her son’s first time away at camp. There’s nothing to worry about though, this camp is simply a feeder program for an Amazon Warehouse. Hard work is fun!
Phone Tap: Thurber Lemonade Empire
Running a lemonade stand in a busy neighborhood is a tough gig… Especially when you’re up against the “Thurber Lemonade Empire.” In your new Phone Tap we’re drawing territory lines in the refreshment game.
Phone Tap: Nature’s Anus
In today's new Phone Tap: we’re pranking a camp counselor by revealing some of the insanely bizarre dietary restrictions our son has while away at camp. Nobody better disrespect his dietary needs!
Phone Tap: Full House Method
We’re calling the mother of a pre-schooler to let her know her new pre-school has a peculiar curriculum. It’s called “The Full House Method” and it’s the brain child of Brooke Fox!

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