Best Pie in Billings
At Hog Wild, they still make these pies from scratch and they're worth every penny. The only negative is that they tend to run out of certain pies as the day goes on, but you do have the option to order a whole pie 24 hours ahead.
Time To Change The Marquee
For several years now I've been seeing the sign reminding me not to miss the Valentine's Day Buffet at the Four Seas. I was talking to my would-be sister-in-law, Stef, about the final days of the Four Seas and we can't remember exactly what year this buffet occurred.
Unlimited Coffee For Five Dollars a Month in Billings
One of my brothers gets a minimum of three Starbucks coffees every day of the week. Counting the tips and taxes, he's in for no less than $15 a day. In other words, he spends a car payment worth of cash on coffee every month, but there is no way in Hell he would go for the sensible cheap coff…
Unsolicited Review of Blaze Pizza
My usual "nobody paid me to do this and I paid for my food" disclaimer is in full effect for this review. I will add to that disclaimer that I only tried one, very basic pizza because when it comes to pizza, that's how I roll.
Billings Bacon Fest Sneak Peak - Sam & Louie's
Want to know whats better than bacon? NOTHING! That's a stupid question!
Sam & Louie's: Italian Restaurant and New York Pizza will be wowing us with bacon inspired pizzas because obviously the next best thing besides bacon is pizza...wi...
What Is The Proper Etiquette For A Birthday Dinner?
My birthday is coming up in a few weeks and one of my favorite things to do is have a birthday dinner. I love getting all of my friends together in one place and sharing a meal. However, I've just got one question...
Who pays?
Whenever I've been invited out to dinner for a friends birthday (to a resta…
Share The Love - Local Kitchen & Bar
Anything that someone in the community is doing to help out fellow Montanans I am going to share! I love Local Kitchen & Bar and I love them even more for this 'Share The Love' movement they've started. Here are the details for the month of Augusts' and the first one is T…

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