Watch Out For Sex Crazed Ducks
It's Spring and these ducks are ready to get it on with their seemingly unwilling lady friends. Whenever they get into make-new-ducks mode, they seem to paint the rest of the world invisible, including traffic
Do You Feel Twitterpated Today?!
With today being the first day of Spring you may feel some extra love in the air. Today is the day we all look forward too after along Montana winter. The birds seem to chirp louder and the flowers start to bloom faster! The world turns warm and beautiful...
The First Day Of Spring In Billings
Spring has officially hit Billings and as someone coming from Seattle.... this looks pretty normal!  The grey clouds, not completely raining and the temperature sitting just under 50 degrees. The next couple of days we will see on and off rain showers but then we get our sun back and that'…
An Open Letter To Mother Nature
Dear Mother Nature-
WTH?! Are you purposely messing with our minds? Are you pissed off that we get to wear cute sandals when it's sunny? Do you have a personal vendetta against the sunshine? Like maybe y'all were boyfriend and girlfriend and the relationship didn't end well...

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