Where Did My Coffee Go?
Guests, workers, and those craving caffeine in and around the downtown Billings DoubleTree Hotel, were greeted with a notice that Starbucks coffee is "closed" for an upcoming renovation.
Half Off Frappuccino's At Starbucks
The Frappuccino Happy Hour is here!
Everyday from May 5th until May 14th Starbucks is giving you half off any Frappuccino from 3-6pm! HALF OFF! We're talking any flavor, any size. And if you have Snapchat you can join in on the celebration...
To The People At Starbucks On 24th Street This Morning
My husband texted me this morning about something that happened to his coworker at Starbucks on 24th Street this morning and it made my heart really happy!
We will call my husbands coworker Fred for the sake of this story.
When Fred got up to the window to pay for his drink the barista informed him th…
We Tried The Unicorn Frappuccino From Starbucks [Watch]
Today through April 23rd you can escape into a land where unicorns exist.... Well, sort of!
Starbucks has come up with the mother of all drinks: a frappuccino that carters to all of us who believe in unicorns. If the blue and the pink don't give it away I don't know what will...

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