Where To Vote In Billings Today
Bad news y'all... This election requires you to mail or drop off your ballot. By this point in time you can't mail it because it obviously won't be reached in time.  HOWEVER if you are like me and completely forgot to put it in the mailbox, fear not - there is a drop off location…
Cole, Essmann in Mayoral Showdown
KBUL Newsroom - Former Planning Board member Bill Cole and State Rep. Jeff Essmann former chairman of the Republican Party of Montana are headed for a November showdown to become Billings’ next mayor in the general election.
Q2 reports that voters selected the two top candidates …
Does Flying Into An Airport Count As Visiting?
This question I swear goes round and round and I have got a pretty even split of answers on the Facebook page. If you have been into the airport (like got off the plane) I think it should count! Technically, you've been there, physically! Am I wrong...
May 25 Election Day Preview
Don't forget to get your ballots in for the special election!
KBUL Newsroom - Thursday is election day and Democratic congressional candidate Rob Quist made his final appeal to Billings voters on Tuesday at The Garage at Yellowstone Valley Brewing Company...
Where To Vote In Billings Today
It's that day! If you haven't already sent in your absentee ballot or if you didn't go to the early election polls then today is the day you need to head out and vote! If you are in Billings your location to vote is:
Polls close at 8PM to…

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