How Many Billings Workers Are Not Actually Working Right Now?
Researchers have estimated the cost of this eclipse to cost somewhere close to $700 million in lost productivity. I'm not sure about the exact numbers, but I can tell you that our office looks like a ghost town. Of course I am here working, but as you can see from the photo, Kaitlyn and Jenn have de…
Places To Get Stuck At Work
Today one of our worst fears came true. Kaitlyn (who is new) and myself were in the KISS studio doing radio things. Pretty normal. But then we tried to leave the studio annnnddddd not normal things followed. We got stuck. STUCK! The handle was broken and we had no idea. We ...
Sit At Work All Day?
As much as I try to get up and walk around during the day, I find myself sitting most of my day in front of the mic or the computer. In fact, this is true for 80% of American's. Being sedentary, unfortunately (and especially for women) can lead to a few health problems including weight gain, WH…
How Long Is Your Commute?
If you love small town life, Montana has plenty of them to pick from; however, most people who live in tiny towns typically have to commute to the city to do do their job. With Montana being so spread out, it can definitely add some big city stress to small town living...
Worst Jobs
A new list just released gives some insight into some of the harder jobs to work in America right now. According to Career Cast's Jobs Rated these are the top worst jobs in America for 2016.
Oh, those co-workers
Can you think of something that a co-worker does that really annoys you? Pop Sugar came up with a list of the annoying things people do at work. Some of them are pretty standard, but others are unexpected.

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