Q2's Jay Kohn Looks Back on 40 Years in Broadcasting
From the fires of '88, to the mountain man trials, and governors from Judge to Bullock- Jay Kohn has been there throughout his 40-plus year career as a Montana broadcaster. Here's the audio as Jay joined us on Wednesday's Montana Talks statewide radio show.
5 Risks When Living In Montana
There are a lot of pluses about living in the Treasure State. Beautiful scenery, lots of room to stretch your legs and some of the nicest people you'll ever meet.
The question is what's the down sound of living here?
Whether you like it or not, there are risks when living in Montana...
Even In A National Park It's Tough To Buy American
I'm not going to go on a big Made In The U.S.A. rant, but I was surprised at the lack of American-made products available in the shops in Yellowstone National Park. When I took my handful of souvenirs to the counter, all of which were made in China, I asked the cashier a couple of questions abo…
How Would You Spend One Day In Yellowstone?
This weekend I am going to try to take a visiting family member to Yellowstone. She really wants to go just so she can say she's been to Yellowstone, but I'm trying to actually make some sort of agenda so we get to see the best sights.
I'm assuming that most people will say Old Faithful (at least tha…

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