Happy Birthday to the Order Of DeMolay. DeMolay International was founded on this date in 1919. It was designed to be a fraternal organization for young men aged 12-21.

I was involved in this organization when I was a teenager. We did several community service projects like serving coffee and donuts at rest stops along the interstate for drivers who were tired and need a little refreshment. And we would clean up after the Shrine Circus picking up the trash in the stands.

DeMolay is a great place for a young man to be. Looking back now, I'm sure my mom wanted me there to get some positive male influence as my folks were divorcing. And for me, it was one of the best things to happen in my life. I remain friends today with several of those young men who have gone on to success in the grown up world.

If you're interested, you could contact our local chapter here in Billings. they are on Facebook at "Magic City De Molay". It could be the head start that a young man like you or someone you know could really use.