We've been playing with this website today and it's FAR more entertaining than it should be.

It's called That Can Be My Next Tweet, and it's simple:  You enter your Twitter username or someone else's . . . it searches that account's tweeting history . . . and automatically generates a tweet based on the words that come up most often.

The tweets are almost always complete gibberish.  We tested @WholeFoods and the tweet came out, quote, "Unfortunately we were there.  Did you can find a store to store.  Is it away . . . THANKS!"  But, that's the fun.

The best part is to see what words you, celebrities, and brands use over and over . . . and just how inane they sound strung together.

The worst part?  The URL is INCREDIBLY cumbersome:  http://yes.thatcan.be/my/next/tweet