I may not be a kid anymore but one of my favorite things about Fall is going to the local pumpkin patch and find the perfect and festive pieces to decorate with! I grew up in Oregon and my favorite plan to go there was called Baumen Farms. It is to this day still my favorite place to go for fall, so much so, I am flying home the beginning of October to go do festive Fall things with my Mom and Dad and still will include Baumen's! Each season is perfectly outfitted with decor and activities. In the fall there are animal petting areas, u-pick apple orchards, pumpkin patches, hay rides, plus a nursery with plants and flowers and a produce shop that has everything a grocery store has PLUS the best fresh baked pies and donuts you've ever had!

Since moving here to Billings I have been nervous that I won't have the comforts of Oregon or of Seattle in these upcoming holidays. But, with a little research, I have found a few places that will fulfill my favorite Fall activities! Below are the list of farms that have pumpkin patches that you can grab your own! Can't wait to go check all of them out!

J & K Farms
7 Krug Ln Laurel, MT 59044

Sartorie Farms
1916 Hawthorne Ln, Billings, MT 59105

The Maize @ Grandpas Farm
58th St. West & Grand Ave Billings, Mt 59106
Open: Sept. 2nd - Oct. 29th
Wednesday 6PM - 9PM
Friday  6PM - 10PM
Saturday  10AM - 10PM
Friday in Oct 10am-10pm