I know I talk a lot about tying flies, but it really has bonded my friends together and new friends have been made.

It's not that everyone is into tying flies for a hobby but it's a chance for us to have some fun, tie flies and chat. We talk about fishing, fun and more. We learn common fly patterns. There is always a lot of laughing and some bloody fingers from the hooks. Normally some refreshments are a flowing as well.

Sometimes we even play ping pong.

Tying flies though is not only relaxing but is something that a group can do easily together. If you were ever thinking of doing a bowling league, poker night or group activity. Think about tying flies, maybe you don't fly fish well I am sure you can find someone who does to take or even buy your flies.

When you learn, we start out by doing just san juan worms, which are so easy and very effective. I call it "making your San Juan army".



    Salmon Fly Hatch