Say you just want to grab a sack of groceries to get through the week. How do our prices stack up against other cities across the nation?

Our friends over at put together a visual graph to give you an idea of how we compare:

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Let's say a $50,000 annual income in Montana is stacked up next to 4 other cities with the same amount of money. According to the spending patterns derived from the cost-of-living data in cities like Buffalo, NY and Tuscon, AZ, People in Missoula, MT (for example) are spending significantly less to get by. This according to the ERI's Relocation Assessor, the numbers are "based on housing, family size, consumption, services and travel".

Not to mention, gasoline in Montana is far less per gallon. On average, 40 to 45 cents less compared to other American cities.

Is this one of the reasons why you continue to live in Montana? Are you noticing your bank account grow the longer you live here? Tell us your experiences in the comment section below.