The Double Tree hotel in downtown Billings, previously the Crown Plaza, has 23 floors. Lucky for me, the radio stations are on 23rd floor so I get a pretty amazing view of Billings. I have ridden that elevator more times then I can count since I started here in April but I've never noticed that there isn't a 13th floor button. Or maybe I have and thought that it was a private floor or 'hidden' floor for when celebrities are in town.

However, while riding the elevator with a mail man the other day he hold me that in the hotel industry a 13th floor is incredibly superstitious and most hotels won't build one. I had NO idea! The 13th floor here in this building is actually about two inches tall and is cement or brick. However, the 3rd floor in our building is a double floor because of the ceilings so I guess it equals out. You learn something new everyday! And I bet you will now be looking for that in every building and hotel you go in now... You're welcome!