Ever walk away from your Facebook for a few minutes and then have someone write some stupid post on your behalf? This is what happened to me on Friday and, to me...this means war! Jenn says it's fair game because I was stupid enough to leave my Facebook open. Fair point I suppose, but there needs to be consequences.

Has this happened to you? Or, perhaps you were the one who took advantage of someone who carelessly left their social media access wide open. In all fairness, what she wrote wasn't mean, but it was believable enough that almost everybody (including my mom) bought it.

Thought I would take a moment to let everyone know that I am going vegan. I have found a profound love for vegetables and salads. Meat is gross and I shall no longer consume it.

Someday she'll do the same thing I did and I'll have my chance. Feel free to leave your ideas for a suitable status update below. Here are my top contenders so far:

"Got away with it for four months, but the baby bump is officially too hard to hide!"
"Why don't they make stronger deodorant for women?"
"I sold my bra to an old man on craigslist for 40 bucks! who wants lunch?"
"Two things I hate: Old people and children. Yuck to both!"