You know what I'm talking about. It's Friday afternoon and it's a three day weekend. Work productivity has decreased by at least half because all you can think about is a cold beer and the sunshine on your face! Out your window you can see people leaving town with their campers, boat and toy haulers meanwhile you are still at your desk wondering when the appropriate time to 'leave a little early' actually is.

Is it 2:30? No... That's only an hour and a half after lunch. What about 3-3:30? That's when everyone else in your building seems to be disappearing. My rule of thumb: if you walk around your office to ask questions or get something but no one is around to help you.. leave! Like I said, all you are really thinking about is sleeping in, the delicious BBQ you are going to be eating and all your fun plans. So, don't kill yourself with boredom. Go Home!

I would like to take a second, however, and thank all of the first responder's, police officers and firefighters that don't get this weekend off and will be working hard to make sure we are all safe and get to enjoy our holiday weekend. You are much appreciated and valued!