It's a great sport, archery is. It's something that has a lot of history and mystery to it. 

The primitive style is an awesome way to learn things. The history of the Longbow comes with an actual law. in the 13th century they had a law that would guarantee that every man was a good archer.  In 1252 all Englishmen were ordered, by law, that every man between the age of 15 to 60 years old should equip themselves with a bow and arrows.

It has a lot of history and a bigger challenge then using a gun or a compound bow. I have fallen in love with the Longbow, they way it has to almost become you in order for you to use it. They aren't the easiest to pullback sometimes or use, and then again they really are as they are so primitive it doesn't take a lot to use them.

I highly recommend trying to shoot a longbow if you can.


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