I am a girl of many hobbies and many of them take part outdoors, from fly fishing to skiing I do enjoy it all. Now I have picked up a longbow for my first time and am learning to shoot it. 

Nothing screams Montana to me more then primitive type stuff. Archery seems so fun! I have always been interested in shooting bows. Now I actually grabbed one from a guy Gary Steele who makes long bows. I am still not sure the big difference in Long and Recurve bows but I do know I have been having a blast.

The difference I do know is that a long bow is more forgiving then a recurve and is better for the beginner. I already have some wounds from the long bow and was told they would be worse if it was a recurve and even more worse from a compound.

I was about 15 away from the picture that was a bulls-eye in the yellow and got back to about 30 yards by the end of the weekend.

Now I may have to try getting into bow safety for hunter too.

Any tips or suggestions greatly appreciated it! You can email me at charene.herrea@townsquaremedia.com


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