There are a lot of supplies kids needs these days for school. One though is the most important.

I was recently reading an article on Edutopia. com and of course when I read the headline I thought it would be something like pencils, calculator maybe? No nothing like that.

We live in a day-in-age where school needs so much more then just physical tools for the children to use. They need emotion managing tools. School can be rough as we all remember.

So when preparing you child for school this year. Don't focus on the material things, the books and pens/pencils. Focus on the attitude, the treatment of others and the EMPATHY that can really help children in school.

Empathy is your most important back-to-school supply. Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. 

Now not every kid can empathize with every kid on everything but what they can share is the feelings of those found at school. Making it easier to embrace each-other. What good are amazing test scores if that kid lacks compassion, caring, empathy etc. What building blocks of society do we create when this happens? Most likely just ones that want to hold up a building on their own but can't, ones that want to be the best but only on the outside.

We have heard so many stories of children having rough times at school and we all have been there. Giving your child the tools/feelings to handle school and those around them will make life easier on them and their peers as well as you.


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