The Huffington Post recently did an article titled "The 1 Weirdest Thing You Never Knew About Your Home State". 

So what did they come up with that we may not know about our State here in Montana? Well according to this post the oddest thing you may not know about Montana is that we have a Hobbit House that is a replica of the "shire" from Lord of the Rings.

We have actually discussed this on the show before! My friend John wanted to do this for his birthday sometime.

Seriously and it is so cool. It is in Trout Creek, MT. The Hobbit House is mimicked after the 'Lord of the Rings' shire and is located in the Cabinet Mountains, from a sign that says "no admittance except on party business" to small benches, they really out did themselves trying to make it all legit. Accommodations can vary but seem to run near $300/night. It's been open since 2008 and is owned by a couple who I can only assume are Lord of the Ring fans. It looks very legitimate and fun.