I will always remember the one time I ALMOST got kicked out of Yellowstone. The key is almost. Want to know what not to do in Yellowstone? 

I hadn't been in Yellowstone for more then 45 minutes, we arrived at our hike location and started off. So keep in mind this is my first time out of the car. I was excited and we started off. After just a few minutes on the trail I see a really cool geyser hot pool. It's got that pretty majestic blue coloring. At the main geysers there are signs that ask you to stay on the trail. Here there weren't any and I haven't been to Yellowstone since I was 12.

I decided to take a closer look at the hot pool geyser and then wanted a picture. So I walk around to the back of the geyser to get the whole thing in picture. Photo ops are important in a place like this! Not two seconds after the picture I see a lady b-lining it to me and of course scolding me for going off the trail and about how dangerous it was. She was very persistent.

The photo I almost got kicked out for

It's nature and I am use to hiking, in nature it's easy to want to look and check out the beauty. I understand what she was saying as it was dangerous but 3 million people visit and I'm sure I have not been the only one as I saw many people doing the same thing. They need signs if they are as dangerous as that lady made me think.

In the end I got a great picture, story and was able to stay.