This is definitely not a professional recap.... It is however a very bias article on my thoughts about the show so far and who I think is going to win.  With that said, HOLY COW! Can you believe how many amazing singers there are on this season?! I don't understand how the judges make the decisions between these super talented performers.

I absolutely LOVE the battles because I'm a sucker for duets! I think it showcases just how well these singers do under pressure and outside their solo performances.  Based on the battle alone, my vote is already on Billy Gilman. I know, I know. He was once a country singer when he was like 11. I don't really care. Clearly the man has a voice from angels. It's so piercing like Blake Shelton said. He's trained, I get it. But I think he's going to take the cake.

As for other duets that I loved, Dave Moisan and Michael Sanchez.  I love them both and am so glad Michael got picked and Dave got a 'Steal.' Well deserved for both of them! Can't wait to see what the next round brings!