Every state has that town that is named so hilariously that you wonder who the heck came up with that name.  Washington has Big Bottom, Alaska has Chicken and Texas has Ding Dong but Montana's is a little more puzzling.... Big Sag. That's right, there is a Big Sag, Montana.

Located about 20 miles outside of Great Fall, MT and about three and a half hours from Billings, Big Sag is a very remote and rural town with rolling hills and rivers.  The town itself is incredibly small but packs a scenery punch! The name is believed to be derived from when the Missouri Glacial lake and area melted, causing it to 'sag' while it formed rivers and valleys. This is now known as the Missouri River Basin in current geology.

Still, no matter the meaning behind it, Big Sag is still the weirdest and funniest named town in Montana.  At least we didn't Satan's Kingdom like Massachusetts!