I would imagine that just the title of this blog is stirring up long ago, forgotten memories of that one gift, that you got that one Christmas, that just made your day suck.  If so, you are not alone.  I too, have received a not so cool Christmas gift or two.

Just to make sure we're all on the same page here.  I know the "True" meaning of Christmas is NOT getting or really even receiving gifts.  I know that it's the celebration of Jesus's birthday and I take that very seriously.  I teach my kids this and we talk about it every single year.

However, from time to time something like this comes up and I've just got to talk about it.  In some ways, it's funny and it's probably happened to most of us. How about that homemade scarf that is a mixture of all of the colors of the rainbow, and unevenly made?  A cooking apparatus to feed the "Man" in  your life?  And how could you forget fruitcake(YUCK!)?

Sound familiar at all?  Does to me.  I had all three things given to me over the years. Ha! Beat that stuff!  Although, one year I got a toaster from my Mom and I loved it!  Seriously, I did.  I hadn't owned one in years(the previous one had died making a bagel). I missed toast, what can I say?

Of course on the other hand.  I'm sure that I've given some pretty bad gifts myself.  The homemade "Coupon" book with coupons in it for washing dishes, a back rub or even "Free" hug?  Yup, guilty of that here as well.  It would have been a bit cuter if I hadn't been 25 at the time.... What do you think?

What is one of the worst Christmas gifts that you've ever received or given? Comment below and let me know.  Make me feel better and tell me that you've done worse!