Alright, here's whats up. Where I live has a side street to park on but still is on the grounds of where the apartments are. If you can't park in your garage and you have a second car parked out front of the garage, then naturally you have to park on that side street. Okay, so I'm parked on the side street. Wellll, the sprinklers come on every night and they are right next to the curb where all the cars park. Mind you, I don't usually park on the street.

Anyway. I come outside this morning to leave and all over the side of my car where the sprinklers are is this white stuff. It literally looks like a put soapy water all over my car and then let it roast in the sun. And here's the kicker... IT DOESN'T COME OFF. You have to go buy special spray to get it to come off and then wash your car. Well, I just paid $20 at the car wash a week ago and my car looked beautiful. But now, it doesn't and I'm a little irritated.

Question. Do I have the right to be upset? Do you think that the property management should have a warning not to park there or to at least let people know that there is something in the water that attaches itself to cars for dear life? Am I an idiot for not knowing that the Billings public water has something in it that causes this to happen? Do I call and let them know that that is a thing? The joys of renting...

Okay. End Rant.