I'm learning that it doesn't rain often here in Billings in the summer but of course while the fair is in town it has to. Murphy's Law, apparently! For a city that is primarily an 'outdoor' city, it can be tough to figure out something to do when it rains. I personally love sleeping but some people aren't as lazy as me!

If you planned to go to the fair and the drops start coming down, here are a few things you can do to stay out of the weather!

  1. BINGO - Don't worry, it's only 50 cents a game and you get to hang out with a ton of old people (one of my favorite things).
  2. Ag Barn - who doesn't love cute, adorable, fluffy animals?
  3. Art Barn - check out all the quilts and art that people have spent a lot of time and talent on!
  4. Marketplace - in need of Scensy products, oils, food spices, DirectTV or random odds and ends? This is the place for you! Make sure to bring cash!
  5. Beer Garden - that is pretty much self explanatory.
  6. Ferris Wheel - if you must ride rides this one is the most closed in it gets!