I can't say no to mall Chinese food. It's seriously a problem. And since it's the owner of Wild Ginger, which is AMAZING, I have a feeling my mall trips are about to get more frequent!

KCTR Newsroom- Three new businesses are moving into the Rimrock Mall, including Torrid Women’s apparel shop, opening today (Oct 22)! It will soon be joined by a shoe apparel store and a locally owned Asian restaurant, according to an announcement Thursday.

In late October, Asian Fusion restaurant will also open in the mall in the former Fuddrucker’s Express location in the food court. The restaurant is owned by Howard Wu, who also owns Asian Sea Grill on Billings West End and the Wild Ginger Japanese steakhouse in the Empire parking garage in downtown Billings.  Famous Footwear will open in the mall’s JCPenney wing this November. The chain will also keep its store at 2829 King Avenue West.

Boosting the mall’s food court has been a top priority this year. Asian Fusion is Rimrock’s seventh food court restaurant, joining Mountain Mudd, Bob’s Pizza, Orange Julius, Flaming Wok, Cinnabon and Neon Pretzel.