Iconic Saturday Night Live alumni Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon made their grand return to the famed sketch show on October 8.

Wearing their Philadelphia best, the duo joined Weekend Update host Colin Jost where they, as two suburban female Pennsylvanian friends named Denise and Doreen, discuss Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

After Jost asks the ladies how they feel about being the "most sought-after voters in the country"—"I think it's fun!" says Denise; "I love it!" Doreen adds—he asks the two who they're going to vote for.

When Fallon's Doreen says she doesn't know yet, Fey's Denise scoffs, "Whatever, you love Trump," to which Fallon disagrees.

"Yeah, well stop acting like you do," Fey's Denise chides.

"Everyone thinks you love Trump. You’re always like, 'Oh his hair’s real, ya know!'" she adds, jokingly poking fun at Trump’s controversial appearance on The Tonight Show in which Fallon was accused of being too friendly and lighthearted with the candidate.

When Fallon's Doreen offers that she doesn't "like that [Trump] called Alicia Machado fat," Fey's Denise quips, "Does this guys have mirrors in his house? He looks like someone opened a quesadilla to pick the chicken out!"

While much of their banter is aimed at Trump, the two gal pals don't leave Hillary Clinton unscathed: "She lied about her e-mails, she lied about Benghazi, she pretended to be surprised on Steve Harvey, and she also called people a basket of deplorables, and that's not a phrase," Fallon lists.

The former SNL cast mates also skewere Trump's running mate, Mike Pence, during the segment.

"He seems normal because he’s next to Trump. He’s really Biff from Back to the Future,” Fey's Denise says. "Also it’s 2016, what old white man still thinks he’s in charge of gays and women?"

Watch above.

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