As we all know today is the day of the eclipse! I am sure everyone has been counting down the hours until we get to see it. I know that we are not the only ones who waited last minute and didn't get their glasses. Everyone always says Billings is a last minute town and this situation fits that saying. I heard there was a lady selling them at a park and then at Wal-Mart and Costco but I never found said lady. Dang it.

No need to worry if you didn't get yours either! I saw a post on face book that said to take a cereal box and cut two holes on the top on the end of the box. Then on the left hole put  some tin foil and poke a hole. Then when the eclipse happens you look in the right hole and should be able to see it! Yet keep in mind I saw this on facebook so who knows if it really works. I am sure it does. I can't imagine how much money the people who are selling the glasses have made! So game plan for next eclipse is to buy a bunch of the glasses and sell them myself haha! Hope you enjoy the eclipse today and make sure not to look at it without the proper glasses!