Is it too early to put up the Christmas Tree and decorations? I have sentimental reasons for wanting to do it but more then ever this year I'm seeing more and more people putting up lights and trees early. 

I just got this year my grandmas Christmas decorations. She passed and this is a nice reminder of her. I can remember getting some of these with her. Memories are great around the holidays and can sometimes be difficult but when I look at the tree I remember her and it makes me smile. I loved her more then anything and it's nice to be able to have these ornaments up longer and the reminder there too.

On the website they talk about Christmas CD's coming out first week of November and the "red cup'scandal at Starbucks that may have attributed to early Christmas fever. Although some are decorating according to their poll over 86% of people believe that November is too early to put up your decorations. So, it appears that December is the most socially acceptable time to get into the festive spirit.

Most people are enjoying a holiday week so it doesn't matter if it's before or after Thanksgiving in my opinion. The tree doesn't bother me, and it won't ruin my turkey day dinner. I am already enjoying the glowing lights and fun ambiance of the holidays. Are you?

Here is my tree, with all of my grandmas decorations and mine included.

Charene Herrera TSM

How could I resist these beauties? They are classic ornaments that I love.

Charene Herrera