The war that has been going on since the dawn of office buildings having air conditioning and heat.  Women are either too hot or too cold and guys are either too hot or too cold and we are usually not the same temperature at the same time. Am I right?? Luckily most of the studios here at the station have a temperature box for each studio so I can set the KISS studio to be nice and cozy for me.

However, my office thermostat is shared with two other people: a guy and a girl. The girl and I are usually on the same page but me and guy have very different temperature needs! In my experience guys run warmer than women soooo he usually wants the air on and this other girl and myself are usually cold. How do you compromise that?! That's like being in a car that doesn't have dual climate control!

I think I should keep a blanket in my office for the winter months! Seriously though, do any of you have that problem? Too cold or too hot? Do you share a climate area where everyone else likes it freaking or roasting and you are the opposite?