J.P. here. Friday again and I'm sure you are excited for the weekend. I know I am! But before we can completely get into the weekend, we have to get past Friday night. I don't know about you, but nothing makes me feel older than when I talk about my Friday night plans. I feel like I'm in one of those Instagram meme's.  All of the young kids, dressed up and dancing and having a good old time and then there is me, sweatpants on by 6 P.M. and a box of pizza. Mind you, I'm only 27 but really, what is there to do on a Friday night these days? I'm married and don't have children so I know that should make it easier to come up with something since my Friday evenings aren't decided for me, yet.

There's the same standby's: dinner, movie, wine bar, but other than that, I got nothing...I think once the weather gets consistently nice, you could go for a walk or go down to the river, but when that sunshine is no where in sight I'm at a loss for ideas. At this point, I think the Gilmore Girls have more fun on a Friday night than I do!