Does your family do the turkey, stuffing, beans, yams and pie every year? Or do you get tired of the same thing and branch out? I know my family has done many years of the traditional dinner but depending on where we are depends on what we decide to do... That and if my Mom doesn't want a turkey LOL

Half of my family is of southern decent. My Dad's whole side of the family has never left Louisiana, actually. We try to get back once or twice a year and it usually falls around Thanksgiving.  We have done fish fry (one year I caught the fish!) and we have done Chinese food.  We've done more traditional also but for the most part, we keep it southern. However, when we are home in Oregon, you never know what you might get. One year we did baby back ribs. I remember a few years ago my Mom did a huge pot of chili and it was delicious.

We usually have all the traditional sides though and trust me, there is enough food to feed 12 families. We usually have food for days! So, does your family do traditional or do you like to mix it up and do something different?