Saw this on Facebook this morning: "I survived another meeting that should've been an e-mail." I think that everybody reading this can name several people who could try talking a little less.

I hate when our company has a staff meeting. Those meetings are for the "staff," not the individual members. It's not the place for your individual issues to be addressed and wasting more of everybody else's time. And, I tell people that.

They generally are quite offended. Most people don't really think that they talk too much. And even if they admit that they MIGHT be a little wordy, it's only because what they have to say is so important.

It's not. Trust me.

So if you're an "over-talker," please try to shorten up your speeches. If you are around over-talkers," let them know what they're doing.

Next -- people who get "into your personal space" when talking to you. And, people who spit when they're talking.