One great thing about living in Montana is the plethora of meats and wild game, but maybe even more of an extensive wild game choice is Alaska.

I think of a reindeer when I think of caribou but I think the term can be used loosely. Caribou are the only deer in which male and females both have antlers though only some females have them.

While fishing the Clark Fork on Sunday, I am not sure if it was that I was starving and cold and the caribou dog was hot but I really liked them! Thanks to my friend Steve for taking us along and on for a good time.

Stephen Smith in St. Ignatius was the one who has the caribou meat processed at Lower Valley Meats in the Flathead and it is so good!

It's a bit darker of meat but not super dark like I hear Moose is. It had great taste o it, granted the brats were stuffed with jalapenos and cheese.

Nom Nom Nom

Reindeer steaks are popular too

(Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)