What an amazing day for this event. The weather was perfect. This was my first time participating in a tournament style disc golf competition. Unlike a normal course they had what they called mandatory's in which you have to throw your disc around different obstacles before you get to the basket. There were a lot of really good players out there. I would definitely need more practice if I were to compete against them for sure. This is my first medal in 15 years. Maybe I will see you there next year.

Tim Chamberlain, Townsquaremedia

Billings will be busy for the Big Sky State Games. I have taken home the gold a few times in my life and I am ready for another. I have competed in Ping Pong and Track & Field, but this year I am competing in Disc Golf. I might catch a lot of slack for this sport, however in my defense, its fun, relaxing, and you can still be compete for bragging rights.

I love playing ping pong and was pretty good in High School, so I figured I would try it at the Big Sky State Games. Wrong choice there, as I had to compete against a guy that was taught by the #2 Coach in China. I didn't score one point, so that was my first and last year for Ping Pong.

I decided to rely on my sports background and resorted to Track & Field. Cut my teeth in Helena becoming State Track & Field Champions back in 1994, for Billings West High of course, making it easy to compete in the State Games 1995-2001. I competed in Long Jump, Triple Jump and the Pentathlon receiving 9 Gold, 6 Silver and 3 Bronze Medals. I rolled my ankle late in 2001 and slacked off for 15 years. I can't believe it's been that long. Music has takin' over my hobby time for sure.

I am glad that the games are broken down into age categories. I would hate to jump against someone right out of high school. Luckily for me, in Disc Golf, I am in the Men's Masters Level age 40 to 49. Yes, I get to be the youngster in this competition. Men's Masters just sounds cool, doesn't it?

I have never competed in tournament style Disc Golf before so this should be pretty fun. Hopefully, we have nice weather for this event. I will have an update for you after the games this July 15, 16, and 17. Play to win, while having fun too!!