Well we made it through another week with our dear, sweet Murray the puppy.  Exciting stuff we went through as well.  The Veterinarian! I made one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made when going to the vet this week, one I will never, ever do again!

I took ALL THREE of my dogs to the vet at the SAME time! I can hear you groan as you read that.  Yes, I did do that.  Along with all three of my kids too.  They helped for the most part.

It could've been way worse though, I admit.  But taking an 93 lb. Lab, a 9 lb. Schnauzer and an 11 lb. Collie was a hand full I will tell you! The Lab was on his worst behaviour and almost plowed my daugher's face into the parking lot ground when he jumped out of the car.  I told her to never let him lead her, but does she listen to me?  Would any 16 year girl? No!

Photo Courtesy of Tara Nicole

At least we could carry the other two pooches.  Once we got inside the clinic, it was a bit better.  I was thanking God Almighty that there weren't any other dogs there at the moment.  That would've cause a huge, butt sniffing, growling, snapping and panic inducing frenzy of mass proportions.  I don't know that we would've made it out alive.

But through it all the kids did a pretty good job helping with the dogs(no one even peed on the floor!) and they mostly got a clean bill of health. My oldest little "Guy" of the same name, is aging and so has elderly doggy problems. But the Lab "Dugan" and our sweet new addition Murray, are doing fantasticaly well. Although Dugan is a bit fat(I keep telling the kids to stop feeding him treats!).

Everyone is all vaccinated, and up to date on their shots so we are good to go for another few months.  Then, more shots and the big "Neuter"!  Shhhhhh! We're trying to keep it a secret.  Ha, ha. But all is well here with our pooches for this week.  I'll update you again next week!