And here I am checking in again.  Happy to do so too!  Murray is doing great!  But we're seeing a side of him that is somewhat, umm, more advanced.  He's naughty!

Just in the last few days, I have caught him "sneak pooping" on my floor.  This is where he "knows" he's not supposed to do it, so sneeks downstairs to do it anyways.  Ewwwww!

I caught him trying to eat MY steak of the counter while I was downstairs getting something for dinner.  Thank goodness my daughter was there to grab him!  I couldn't have got to him in time!

He has started chewing on EVERYTHING. From the kitchen table, chairs, shoes(loves these a lot!) to my kids stuffed animals.  See below for reference.

Tara Nicole, TSM

We still love him lots though.  Even when he grabs the dirty underwear out of the laundry and parades it in front of guests.  We just love the little $h!# out of him, even then.

Well, that is it for this weeks update.  Hopefully we make it through another week without too many problems.  If you have any good tricks for dealing with these little guys, please share!!!