My, oh my.  How time does fly by.  And what exciting events can happen in just a few short days.  Sounds titillating doesn't it?  Well it has been a busy week!

Well one thing that happend this week(technically twice) was that I got a hole under my fence.  My older dog(and super naughty boy now) decided that the young'in needed to know how to dig.  Under my fence.  GRRR! I caught him in the middle of it.  You couldn't find a couple more embarrassed and contrite dogs.  He knew he was in trouble to say the least.

Tara Nicole, TSM

We back fill the hole and move on.  Until the next day of course.  When I find the little one digging in the same, exact spot!  My older dog, Dugan, was sitting as close to the door, as if to say, that he had no part in the crime.  Smart doggy.

They are now on probation until further notice.  We are still allowing company though.  Murrays sister(full) came to visit us!  Murray and Riley weren't too sure of each other at first, but that took like five minutes.  Then, they were off!  It was actually quite touching.  I know, I'm a dork. But see how cute they are? Awwwww.

Tara Nicole, TSM

We also went to the dog park for the first time.  That was tons of fun, but I forgot to take pics!  Oh no!  Eh, I'll get some next week maybe!  So, until then!