It's been some time since I've put in an update on what I used to think, was the sweetest puppy in the whole, wide world.  Yeah, you could say, some of the shine has rubbed off on Murray.

We still love him though.  No worries there.  However, we have discovered some new traits of his.  Not many of them are good.  Most of them are not. Really, really not.

For instance.  I just potted about 8 new planters last weekend, only to find out that Murray, likes to eat them.  He didn't get sick, we made sure the plants we got were pet safe(for the most part).  I had no idea though, that my dearest Murray, had a thing for the. I wish I had taken a picture of the destruction he wreaked.

We also found out that he likes to eat bras and underthings.  Then....throw them up.  All over the house.  So not good.  I could've cried when it happened too.  He's okay, but man, was I upset.

We also found out, that Murray has a bladder problem.  I caught him chewing on the edge of my son's bed frame(he had snuck up on it while I was getting ready for work).  I yelled at him to stop and to get off of the bed.  He promptly peed on my sons bed, then jumped off.

All of these things happened in about 4 days.  Needless to say, I began to question the sanity of getting a puppy.  I really was upset with him.  How dare he, right? Well, he is just a baby.

The last couple of days though, he's been adorable.  We've both learned things about the other.  I for one, learned that if he's doing something naughty in the house, I calmly take him outside, then tell him that he's a bad dog.  That way, no pee on the floor.  He also learned, that if i catch him anywhere near my plant's, that he gets a verbal chewing, of mass proportions, Ha, ha!

I love him still, you've got to take the good with the bad right?  He's learning and he's still so darn cute.  As you can see.  I'll keep you updated on how things progress.  Any tips you may have are always welcome!