Welcome to the inaugural episode of Some Like It Pop, the PopCrush editors' biweekly podcast!

Hosted by the PopCrush editorial team — Bradley Stern, Samantha Vincenty, Ali Szubiak and Matthew Donnelly — Some Like It Pop explores the latest breaking headlines, dives into our current pop culture obsessions and features interviews with special guests.

First up, our resident Britney Spears expert Bradley Stern gives an update on B9 (and...reflects on previous release Britney Jean), we explore the unending Kanye West-Taylor Swift feud and dissect whether Kylie Jenner actually thinks she "started wigs."

Then: How accessible are celebrities expected to be? Recent events involving Justin Bieber and Halsey suggest fans think boundaries between them and their faves are thinner than ever these days — we explore why that is.

And finally, our writer Matt Donnelly chats with Top Chef alum Carla Hall in part of his series of chats with former contestants in honor of the show's ten years on Bravo.

Listen above now, check our YouTube channel every other Thursday for fresh episodes, tweet all about it with #SomeLikeItPop! 

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