What a breath taking place to visit. It was a great birthday trip to take. 

Geysers, hikes, food and fun! Yellowstone National Park was wonderful. We started off by doing a hike at Fairy Falls. Round trip about 5 miles but you can continue to another area making it 7 miles. Just below the Midway Geyser Basin is the trail head. 


Fairy Falls

Then we headed to Old Faithful! Which has changed a bit, it use to erupt every 40 minutes and was a bit bigger. Now it erupts about every 90 minutes. Still worth seeing! 

After that we ate some great food, and enjoyed driving from Old Faithful to Red Lodge for the nights stay. I walked around and looked through my binocs and was able to view some distant geysers. More picture to come!

Looking out for Bison...didn't see a single one! No goring here