Waka Flocka is officially going though withdrawal after breaking up with his wife of two years Tammy Rivera a month ago following infidelity on his part. Now the BrickSquad Monopoly rapper might be purging his social media presence because of his life-changing blunder.

The Atlanta rapper has apologized to Rivera at least once on a public forum, making an Instagram post about the virtuousness of his former boo thang earlier this week.

Early this morning, Flocka had another heart to heart with himself and shared his thoughts on Twitter. "Sorry for leading women on knowing I’m married #ManUpWaka," he posted. "Owning up to all my faults with wifey #GrownManShit," he added.

After some time to sleep on it, Waka continued, "Good morning!!!! I’m at fault for everything and so is the mother-fuckers pulling me back.#ManUpWaka...Off the Grid," he posted. Attached to the tweet is a note clarifying that the former Gucci Mane protege is eradicating anything that would get in between his marriage and all things and people that are fake.

From the looks of things, Wak is trying everything is his power to get his girl back after realizing he was totally in the wrong here. At this point all might not be lost, as it seems that both of them still have a lot of love for each other. In the mean time, here's to the good old days.

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