With summer time weather here it's time to start thinking of ways of keeping that house cool without air conditioning.

There are a few tricks and things to do to help keep that home cool. You can do some improvments as far as sealing and not allowing heat in or the cool out.



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    Dark House

    1. First off try to always keep the house dark during the day and shut up while you are gone. In hopes that the without the beaming sunshine it'll keep it cooler.

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    Turning off electronics will suprisingling help a bit. They radiate heat, even if it's light so it's smart to try to do the stuff you can.

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    Sheet Check

    Check your sheets. They say cotton sheets are the way to go  in the summer heat and also I have bamboo sheets and they are amazingly cool as well.

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    Save Hot Duties for Cool Nights

    Save your laundry and cooking for a the coolest parts of the day or any other jobs that require some heat like the dishwasher.

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    Set Your Fans

    Set your fans... did you know that is a real thing with ceiling fans? According to the Huffington Post author Samantha Toscano "your ceiling fan needs to be adjusted seasonally. Set counter-clockwise in the summer at a higher speed".


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